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2015 Latest and Hottest Tech Gadgets

2015 hottest gadgets

2015 Latest and Hottest Tech Gadgets

by Top Sales
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New York City (CBSNewYork)— If you like gadgets and electronic devices, the latest and greatest items were being unveiled in Chelsea Wednesday. CBS2’s Cindy Hsu was at the Metropolitan Pavilion for Consumer Electronic devices Week to learn what’s hot in the tech world.

If you’re a pet lover, the Petzi Treat Cam offers you live video of your animal in the house, and you can send them a treat.

“It ejects your pet’s favorite treat at the tap of a button on the app, at that point your pet’s thrilled they get to hear your voice in the middle of the day. They got a treat,” Dave Clark, Petzila said.

For music enthusiasts, there’s a whole cordless music system inside a light bulb. It’s called Pulse. Everything, including the speaker, remains in the bulb– which can be twisted into most regular sockets.

“Most people are installing these bulbs in their kitchen or in their living room area, and sometimes on their outdoor patio,” Ben Thacker, Sengled said.

If you’re having problem resting, the RestOn strap fits onto your mattress under your sheet. While you’re resting it monitors your heart rate, for how long it took you to get to rest, and whether you stopped breathing at all– which can be an indication of sleep apnea. The information is sent out to your smartphone.

“If one of them is a little out of whack and you notice that by the number you press on it, and it will give you a trip on how to improve your sleep,” Howard Borenstein of Sleepace USA explained.

If you’re tired of using push-button controls, how about making use of a hand motion to control all your media entertainment? It’s the Singlecue universal control, and it can also be connected to your air conditioning and lighting.

There’s also a lot of brand-new ‘clever jewelry’ coming out. The VinWear bracelet tracks your steps and vibrates and illuminate when you get a crucial text, call, or email.

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